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Articles about programming in various languages, mainly Python but also Scala, Erlang, C. Other topics I discuss are algorithms, compilers, architectures, operating systems, testing.



All my retroprogramming articles, bits and bytes, and low level investigations. Home of the "Exploring the Amiga" series. Beware of the dragons!


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TDD in Python with pytest


A game of tokens


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Exploring the Amiga


Python 3 OOP

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Clean Architectures in Python

Clean Architectures in Python

The clean architecture is the opposite of spaghetti code, where everything is interlaced and there are no single elements that can be easily detached from the rest and replaced without the whole system collapsing. The main point of the clean architecture is to make clear "what is where and why", and this should be your first concern while you design and implement a software system, whatever architecture or development methodology you want to follow.

My videos

TDD in Python with pytest (playlist)

TDD in Python with pytest (playlist)

I recorded my successful workshop "TDD in Python with pytest" and produced my first series of videos, for a grand total of 2 hours of hands-on tutorial on Test-Driven Development in Python.